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Master Data Management

Stibo Systems provides a comprehensive MDM offering comprised of a full complement of products to manage the most demanding data-intensive environments ...

  • Product MDM ... helps customers achieve solid business outcomes by accelerating product time-to-market, reducing interdepartmental silos and facilitating entrance into global, multilingual and multicurrency markets by supporting an omnichannel strategy.
  • Customer MDM ... delivers the technology and related processes to create a single unified view of customers, prospects and suppliers that is current, accurate, complete and reliable. This empowers corporate agility, improving decision-making and analytics, and creating unique one-to-one experiences.
  • SpirePLM ... provides an end-to-end PLM solution purpose-built for the retail, grocery and quick-service restaurant industries that is proven, flexible and scalable for all product development needs and enables a 360-degree view into all phases of the product lifecycle.
  • Tagglo ... offers a cloud-based product data syndication service, which enables suppliers to syndicate their data to multiple retailers, making vendors’ process of onboarding and maintaining vast volumes of item information and digital assets with retailers faster and easier than ever before.

All these products are delivered on a single technology stack designed to support multiple data types, which eliminates the need to learn multiple interfaces for dealing with data - from data modelling, workflows and user interfaces, to tools and APIs. Having all these features on one platform makes it more predictable and less expensive and allows companies to receive quicker time-to-value when implementing and maintaining new master data-related projects.

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