Data Crossroads

Data Management ... Trends and Challenges (English Keynote)

10. KnowHow-Meeting ... 31. August 2023 (Hotel Hafen Hamburg)

Data Management ... Trends and Challenges (English Keynote)

Data management has become very trendy. Many companies have started implementing a data management function. In doing it, they face similar challenges and have common questions ...

  • Which framework do we need to choose?
  • How to adjust these frameworks to our needs and resources?
  • Which data management IT tools fit our needs and requirements?

In this session, I will answer these questions by discussing the following ...

  • Key trends in establishing a data management capability worldwide. I will demonstrate trends in data management maturity worldwide based on the results of Data Management Reviews performed by Data Crossroads annually starting in 2019.
  • Trends in using various data management guidelines among multiple countries worldwide.
  • Challenges associated with the implementation of various well-known industry guidelines and the approaches to overcome them. In this part of the presentation, I will share the results of polls and interviews performed with multiple data management professionals.
  • Dilemmas with data management IT tools offered in the market. I will share the results of the analysis of more than 100 IT data management, data governance, and metadata management tools.

Keynote by ...
Dr. Irina Steenbeek (Data Crossroads, NL-Amsterdam)